About Fence Armor

Fence Armor aims to bring you the best protection for your fence posts, mailbox posts, and more!

Made of G90, 22-Gauge galvanized steel, and powder coded, Fence Armor leaves the bottom of your fence posts scratch free. No more worrying about costly fence repairs due to weed trimmer damages!

Fence Armor can be used with your wood, vinyl, and metal fences!

Wooden Fence Protected by Fence Armor against weed trimmer damage
Fits on a large variety of fences of many different kinds!

Fence Armor is made in the USA and Canada and comes in a variety of color and texture patterns to suit your fence.

Fence Armor uses 100% recyclable materials! Help save the environment!

fence post protected from weed trimmer damage by fence armor guard
Sturdy, resistant, and recyclable!

Scratches and damage due to weed trimmers, lawn equipment, and animals become target for moisture, insects and rot. Other solutions involve costly maintenance, or environment-ruining pesticides. Fence Armor is quick to set up, requires no maintenance, and is Eco-friendly!

Change the way you think!

white picket fence damaged by weed trimmer
You don’t have to settle for this!

Unsightly trimmer damages are a thing of the past! You don’t have to live with scratches, dings, or dents! Fence Armor guards your fence and looks great!

The best defence for your fence!

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