Fence Armor – Our Journey to Face the Dragons on CBC

Having our fence guard on the Dragon’s Den on CBC was the opportunity of a lifetime for us at Fence Armor. With an invention meant to change how people think about fence post protection and weed eater damage, this was the best outlet to get our fence post guard seen by the public. So what’s our story? How did it happen? How did it go? We can’t answer all these questions, but we’re excited to share as much as we can!

Dragons' Den Logo Fence Armor
The Dragons’ Den logo. It was a daunting task to go up in front of the dragons and show them our product, but the challenge was faced!

It all started with an online application on February 19, 2016. We filled in question after question, crossed our fingers, said a prayer or two, and pressed ‘submit.’ We were lucky enough to be granted an audition on February 24 – just five days after the application – in our local town of Burlington, Ontario. That was day one of our long, long wait to see if we’d made the cut to appear on the show. Almost six weeks passed, and many more fingers were crossed before we got the most exciting news; we had made it! Fence Armor was going to face the Dragons in their den on May 13!

Co-owners, Al Martins and Luis Ruivo of Fence Armor started preparing a small set to suit the specifications as determined by the producers of the show. They would have to make their fence post protectors look good if they wanted to wow the dragons. Just like all great products, Fence Armor and the demonstration set were born in humble surroundingsā€¦ the garage!

The Fence Armor set for the Dragons' Den.
The Fence Armor set for the Dragons’ Den. Post protectors for your fence post!

May 13 arrived in no time at all! We prepared our set, we were outfitted with all the right clothing and all the right words, but somehow we were still feeling ill at ease. Today we would not only meet the Dragons, would have to convince them that our fence post protector was something worth investing in. We had 90 seconds to explain, excite, and entice the Dragons to offer Fence Armor a deal.

Al Martins and Luis Ruivo preparing to show Fence Armor on Dragons' Den
Preparing to show our Fence Armor post guard to the dragons. Available in galvanized steel and powder coated options.

Before our big moment, we had the chance to tour the studio, and see the den before the Dragons arrived.

Fence Armor Touring the Dragons' Den
Fence Armor come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to suit all fence protection applications.

Then came the time to enter the den for real. This was it. First, the display.

Fence Armor display enters the dragons' den
Our set – meant to show Fence Armor’s reliability in fence post protection – was now out of our hands.

And then the man himself enters!

Al of Fence Armor enters the Dragons' Den
Al enters the Dragons’ Den to convince them that Fence Armor is the best protection for your fence.

While waiting with great anticipation, we find ways to entertain and amuse ourselves. Pictures with new-found friends!

Al Martins and Luis Ruivo of Fence Armor making new friends
We met many people with great products, and the same goal as Fence Armor: To get their product out there!

And a picture with a steadfast friend and business partner.

Al Martins and Luis Ruivo at the Dragons' Den
Al Martins and Luis Ruivo, co-owners of Fence Armor, fence post protection from weed eaters and the likes.

What was the outcome? Did we impress the Dragons? You’ll have to watch us on Dragons’ Den this fall to find out!

Fence Armor at the Dragons' Den
As much as we’d like to tell you, we can’t share how our fence post protector did in front of the dragons. You’ll have to wait and see!

To learn more about Fence Armor and how you can purchase it for your fence posts, mailbox posts or other lawn structures, visit us at our website, email us at sales@fencearmor.com, or call us at 888.289.5617.


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