How To Spend Less Time on Lawn Maintenance

Summer brings about the beautiful warm weather and….maintenance. We are here to provide you with these helpful tips so you can take back evenings and weekends and enjoy more relaxation.

Protect and Relax:

There is no better way to avoid extra time spent on maintenance than to prevent. By adding Fence Armor to all of your posts, not only do you get to shave off time spent weed trimming, save money and the environment but you won’t have to worry about rotting or unsightly posts in the future. You will get to spend more time enjoying and sharing your neatly manicured yard with friends and family and most importantly, more time for you to just sit back and relax.

If you plan to install Fence Armor on existing posts, we highly recommend you seal or stain the post before. You want to make sure that no moisture can seep through the post. Lastly, it is important to make sure you are placing Fence Armor at trimmer level, about an inch or an inch and a half above the ground. For more details, click here.

Installing a Sprinkler System:

A great way to save time on your lawn maintenance and watering time, is to install a sprinkler system. What are the benefits of installing a sprinkler system you ask?

1. Automated:

One of the most beneficial reasons for having a sprinkler system is the fact that they are automated, which takes away the stress of watering your lawn too much or too little. The best part is, you can set it at specified times and you don’t even have to be home! Bonus: it will even save you money on your monthly water bill!

2. Weed Prevention:

With certain, more targeted sprinkler options, you are able to have water go directly to the root of the yard, which means less chance of weed seeds sprouting.

A sprinkler system is great for on the go families who don’t have the time for routine, time consuming maintenance but want a healthy looking landscape. Although, one thing to keep in mind with a sprinkler system, is to make sure to keep it far enough away from your fence. You do not want it to hit the fence, as it can slowly remove the stain or paint overtime.

Landscaping with a Plan:

When it comes to landscaping, this can change your length of time spent mowing your lawn. It is important to strategically plan where you will have garden beds and other obstacles as it can take quite a bit of time to maneuver around them.

It is highly recommended that if you plan to include these on your property, that you make sure to create enough space for your mower to pass by easily.


Achieving a great looking landscape can take some time but with the right preparation and tools you should be ready to enjoy the benefits with plenty of relaxation time!

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