Introducing Fence Armor!

Individual home owners, HOA’s, Lawn and Landscape professionals and Condo Corporations are truly invested in creating a pleasing property oasis to enjoy.

A great deal of time and effort and money is spent maintaining your yard, fence, mailbox posts and other lawn structures to increase their lifespan and enhance their appearance.

Fighting this battle has been the mother of many inventions. Fence posts get wrapped in strips of foam, aluminum or even more drastic measures are taken by spraying a herbicide in a radius around your posts. These “solutions” all call for monthly maintenance, updating and additional man hours, not to mention the effect on the environment.

white vinyl fence post damaged by weed trimmer
This beautiful white vinyl fence sustained scratches and other damages over the years. Not to mention the unsightly effects of herbicides on the surrounding grass!
white vinyl fence with fence armor protection from weed trimmers and other landscaping tools
With Fence Armor, this fence can look as good as new. A 1 minute installation, and no more maintenance!

At Fence Armor we are proud to offer protection for fences of all shapes and sizes. From rural fences to wood and vinyl fences, we have the right protection to keep them looking great all year round!

Here we have a beautiful rural fence protected by Fence Armor. Keep you and your horses happy!

Fence Armor is constructed of durable, recyclable G90, 22-Gauge Galvanized steel. With the easy, screw or click lock applications you are one and done! You can rest easy knowing that Fence Armor is on guard protecting your investment. Fence Armor is the best defence for your fence!

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