How To Identify and Treat Invasive Fungi In Your Lawn

As a homeowner, you want your yard to look great and be in the best health – which requires maintenance. Unfortunately, too much maintenance and that can lead to fungal infections. For instance, over-watering or too much or too little fertilization. On top of maintenance mishaps, there is the added struggle of dealing with uncontrollable weather that can sometimes lead to fungi developing in your lawn as well. Keep reading to find out how you can identify and treat this invasive fungi because it can be challenging to avoid.

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Spring Into Aeration

What is aeration and why it is important?

Aeration is the movement of air between the soil and the atmosphere. It’s important to do this in the spring or fall when adequate moisture and proper soil temperatures are present. We aerate because soil compaction and grass thatch build up over time and it limits the amount of air reaching the soil and roots.

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